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Rahul Sharma

Being the talented son of the legendary maestro Shivkumar Sharma, Rahul Sharma has all the qualities which would raise him one day to superstardom. He is educated, articulate, imaginative, widely exposed to a rich variety of genres including film music, and has a completely eclectic and adventurous attitude towards his art. As an instrumentalist, Rahul is today the most competent santoor player after his father. His rise in such a short period is meteoric. He is the only one to match the master's tonality, graceful touch, and amazing rhythmic wizardy. Combined with his own remarkable creativity, and comfort with a wide variety of music genres, Rahul has emerged as a worthy Indian classical musician with an ability to create new vistas for the art.

He seems gifted with eternal youth in his compositions and musician psyche - fresh and serence as the morning dew, completely lost in the moment and the medium.

Rahul Sharma is the first young Indian musician to collaborate with the famous pianist Richard Clayderman to not just cut an album ("Santoor & Piano - The Confluence") but give live concerts too. He is the youngest Indian musician to perform at the WOMAD (World of Music, Arts, and Dance) festival in UK, as well as the Edinburgh festival in Scotland (2001). He is the first Indian musician to release a thematic album under Peter Gabriel's Real World label. His performance along with his illustrious father Shivkumar Sharma was the first-ever concert of Indian music in Egypt. He is the first young Indian classical musician to give music for a commercial Bollywood feature film all by himself (Mujse Dosti Karoge, 2002).

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Rahul Sharma




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